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Hi - I'm Lou, I started The Leg Shoppe back in 2012.  At the time my metal fabrication job was dying down, so I started looking for side work.  A few odd repair jobs in, I got a call from a furniture maker to make an industrial bookshelf frame.  Took the job, came out nice, loaded it up to take it out to Brooklyn.


I carried it down into the basement of a warehouse where I met a group of bearded guys a little older than me.  They set up a full woodshop in this basement and were building furniture out of massive floor joists from old building that were thrown out at construction sites.  It was amazing- desks, consoles, 12 foot dining tables...  I knew I had to a part of this.  They were slammed with orders, most of which needed metal work - legs, and lots of them.  Went home, set up my tools in my driveway, and got to work.


Driveway Days - Early Deliveries - First Project

These tables were massive.  Legs had to be strong.  Adjustable feet for sure.  Have to be able to stack them for easy transport.  Industrial, but clean and finished.  After a few weeks of trying out different designs, I thought these wouldnt be too hard to ship.  I took some pictures, put a couple styles up on my Ebay page, and woke up the next morning to three sales.  Shortly after I made our Etsy store TheLegShoppe where they also did very well.  The online store connected me with a few more builders in the area, and by the end of the summer (and my neighbors patience) I was able to rent a small shop space.



 First Shop Moving Day!  2012


The next couple years online sales continued to grow; added new styles, connected with more furniture companies and designers. I hired my first employees and upgraded equipment.  Spent the days making legs in the shop and nights doing installs all over NYC.  By 2015 we out grew the little shop and moved into the 3000 sq ft space where we are today.


Shop 2.0 Moving Day 2015


I'm grateful for getting that call years ago that led to a life and love of furniture design and fabrication.  I get to work with an incredible team, have a wonderful B2B family, and connect with so many talented people all over the country.  All of us here truly enjoy waking up each morning and seeing all the kind things you have to say and all the incredible project pictures you share.  We love making you legs, thank you for letting us to do what we love!